No, the advance will not be refunded rather you can stay in the hostel for the days amounting to this advance you had paid previously.
Usually we will not allow it, however depending on the situation we will consider.
Not right now.
We do not encourage negotiation and the rent structure is fixed. As per the Government’s rules, we are supposed to collect GST from the customers.
Cooking food for yourself is not allowed as we have trained cooks who provide delicious foods every day.
Yes, you can, however we do not encourage the left over items to be stored in the room, it needs to be dumped in the dustbin.
The hostel gates close at 9.30 PM for working women and 8.30 for students. IF you are late, you need to inform the warden with your parents on a conference call. If this is not done, we will escalate this to your parents.
There are no luggage fees, you have to pay for the entire month, even if you don’t stay at the hostel.
You can, but you will be levied a fine of Rs.20/per day until you pay the rent.

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