Terms & Conditions

Before the admission, please go through the Rules & Regulations thoroughly. We wish you a wonderful stay in the Hostel.


All the Students / working women requiring accommodation should fill in all the necessary details in the admission book at the Hostel. A passport-size photograph and a copy of proof of identity (election card/ Passport /driving license/ration card/ etc.) Should be submitted during admission.


Hostel fees are to be paid before the 7th of every month. A fine of Rs. 20 per day will be collected from those who do not remit the fees by the 7th of each month.


On holidays, students are not permitted to go out without the permission of the hostel authorities. The Permission of parents or guardian is also required. Both students and working women going out on holidays, should record the date, time, purpose etc., in the hostel register.


Students will be allowed to visit local guardians whose authorized photograph duly endorsed by parents has been submitted in the hostel at the time of admission. Only local guardians are permitted to visit students and such visitors are allowed only with prior permission of the warden and should be recorded in the visitors register. Duly attested visitors card will be issued to the Mother, Father, Sister and Brother at the time of admission.


No students should entertain unauthorized guest.


Room lights should be switched off by 10.30 pm. All electricity and water connections must be switched off while leaving the room and when not in use. Everybody should co-operate in saving electricity and water.


Use of Iron box is not permitted in the room, and if any such attempt is noticed a fine of Rs. 250/- is chargeable. Use of Electrical appliances like Heating rods, Heaters, etc. is not allowed.


All boarders shall be responsible for keeping their valuable ornaments and cash. Management will not be responsible for any loss of the things which are in roommate's possession.


All boarders shall be responsible for maintaining the furniture and fittings of the rooms allotted to them and, in case of any loss or damage to the furniture, the cost of the same will be deducted from the hostel security deposit.


The boarders are not allowed to transfer any property from the dining room. Common room or the visitors' room in their own rooms.


No one other than allottee, is permitted to stay in the hostel overnight.


Mess timings should be strictly adhered to.


Inmates leaving for home will have to inform the warden in writing in the leave letter register and have to call their parents and make them speak with the warden. If this is not done, the inmates will not be allowed outside.


Incase your vacating the hostel, We should be notified 15 days prior to your relieving date. And, the advance will not be refunded, but will need to be cleared for staying in the hostel for a month. This includes a 1000 rupees maintenance charger as well.


No male member is allowed to enter the Ladies Hostel.


Roommates are collectively responsible for any loss or damage to the items provided in the room, such as beds, linen, etc.,


Mess charges will be collected in full for a month for breakfast, lunch & dinner put together. No part-meal payment will be allowed. It is our earnest desire to provide canteen facilities with minimum charges, but due to the increasing cost fluctuations of vegetables, rice, gas, etc., the monthly applicable rate will be reviewed once in three months and informed.


Mess Timings: Breakfast -7 to 8 am, Lunch-12-30 to 1.30 pm, Dinner-7 to 8.30pm.

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